blind guardian
zu den tiefen der seele...

who cares...

in memories...

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let you down

There´ll never be, an end of the rain,
there´ll never be, an end of the pain.
All I´ll see, are the scars on my skin.
All I´ll feel, is the pain deep within.
Neverending darkness, no light,
black sun, endless night.
My soul is raped by all around,
hate and pain are the things I found.
My fingers on the cold steel,
pain is all I wanna feel.
I need pain to forget my life,
I want something I can´t have.
Love.....that´s all I want.
But there´s no heart, only blood in my hand.
My blood, my tears, my soul,
my life, so damn cruel.
The sorrow and the pain of time,
made me down and I want to die.
I only want to escape from here,
there´s too much I hate, too much I fear.
I scare myslf and all around me.
Loved, that´s all I want to be.
But I´m alone, nobody by my side.
Nobody was there, when I cried.
Nobody caught my tears, they´re falling down.
In the lake of tears I drown.
For one last time, I feel the pain, I die.
I let you down, I´m so sorry.
2.5.07 22:20

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